Transportation & Logistics

Small cargo and heavy haul transportation in Rhein-Neckar

If you are interested in our transportation services, please use our online form or give us a call at (+49) 621 – 718 97 86.

In the area of logistics, Evro Bus GmbH’s affiliate, RMT GmbH, collaborates with the RheinNeckar Logistik company to provide transportation and logistics services. Our main location is at Witzlebenstraße 2 in 69469 Weinheim. RMT GmbH focuses on semi-truck hauling, whereas the partner company RheinNeckar Logistik is specialized in small cargo.

Thus, customers can place requests for diverse types of transportation – from construction vehicles to small packages. In order to provide highly professional transportation services, requests should include detailed information regarding the type of cargo, weight, volume, and transportation date as well as the pick-up and destination locations.

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